Children: Are they a reason for parents to blame their failures on; or are they just a reason to fail in life?!


How many times have you heard parents blame their children for their failures in life? 10 times? 100 times? 1000 times?

How many times have you heard parents tell their children that they did not intend on having children, and that their children were a mistake? 10 times? 100 times? 1000times?

And when they tell their children that they came by mistake, how many times do parents associate their life failures with their children’s “Mistaken arrival”.

Is it true that a couple decides to have children when they start searching for a reason to blame their failures in life?

They usually do not have an explanation to why they did not succeed in their careers, or why they did not pursue a certain dream, so they start blaming it on the children.

“You know son, I was assigned as ambassador in a foreign country, but I did not accept my position when I knew that your mom was pregnant”

What can a 40 year old man that still doesn’t have a career say to his son the day his son comes and asks him why does he change jobs every 6 months?

It is known that people always search for someone or something to blame all their problems, failures, and traumas. We always hear people cursing the government, or the bad system. Didn’t anyone tell those people that they are the government and they made the system? To get back to our topic; are children really a hindrance?! And if this were true, why are people still conceiving?

Otherwise, are children a reason for parents to stop thinking about themselves and focus on the wellbeing of their children’s lives, thus failing in life?

Is it possible that children are the reason for people to decide that they don’t mind whether they succeed or fail in life; what is important is the life and happiness of their children?

Would it be possible that when a child is born, an altruistic feeling emerges in the souls and minds of the parents and makes them less egoistic?

Would it be that they will stop caring for themselves?

Is it true that when parents have a child they just turn all their life’s plans and revolve it around the child?

“Honey I don’t care if I work in a multinational company or in the local supermarket, what is important is that I can provide you with the best life. That’s why I am a cashier in the nearby supermarket I want to be close to home!”

If I want to ask all the questions that come to my mind, I would consume a huge amount of space on the internet that people will start searching for alternatives for the world wide web. Anyway, all what I am saying is that this issue is debatable… what do you say? That is, if you say…


3 thoughts on “Children: Are they a reason for parents to blame their failures on; or are they just a reason to fail in life?!

  1. I honestly hate parents who kept on telling those thing to their children.Why do they accept the responsibilities when in the first place they are not that committed of being a parents. It’s just an opinion by the way. 🙂

    1. Well Brandy, I think that most parents do not really know what they are getting themselves into when they decide to have children! Then time after time as they start screwing things up, they start noticing how huge the responsibility is… and yet again, this remains an opinion, and yet remains a part of parents. Definitely there are different parents who assume their responsibilities very well!!

  2. Wow… that sounds like my parents.

    I will never blame my failures and my own choices on my kids. If I choose to do something in particular, it’s because I chose to do it – not because they hindered my ability or influenced me to do it…

    If one thing, my parents taught me what not to be when I grew up.

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