How much do you know your other half?

If you want to get to know your partner really well, I advise that you start talking NOW!

You spend your life-time with someone, you get to think that you really know him/her, but if you think of it; you know nothing about him/her!
Let’s try this exercise!
Think of the closest person to you, your boy/girlfriend, or your husband/wife.
How much do you know them?
Ok, you know them very much, that’s a typical answer.
Do you know what they feel when they see a certain scene in a movie?
Do you know how much does their family mean to them? Their jobs, their hobby?
Ok, they have told you that they love/ hate one of their family members, but do you really know what they both had to pass through? You might know if you and your partner talk 24/7 about everything; which is the ultimate! But who talks 24/7?!

10% of people? 20% of people? Let’s say 50%, which are you? Are you from the 50% that tell their partners every single thing that you have passed through in your life?
I don’t think so, because sometimes especially when there is something that has really bothered you in your past, you don’t actually talk about it. You don’t talk about it either because it hurts, or because you assume that your partner knows it, and in this case, he doesn’t. Therefore he won’t know your reactions to things related to it, and vice versa.
Take a second and think of your partner, think of how he reacts to certain things, do you know what’s behind his reactions?
People live together for more than 50 years, and yet they demure strangers. Some people might like that, I don’t know what you think, but if you don’t like it, start talking.
Talk 24/7 with your partner, talk about your childhood, your fears, your dreams, say everything you feel, don’t keep anything for yourself, let him actually be one with your thoughts… ask him/her about his/her childhood, his/her fears, his/her dreams, let him/her tell you everything he feels…
Who knows, you will discover a lot of things, some you like, and some you don’t. Go ahead and discover NOW.

One thought on “How much do you know your other half?

  1. While some people struggle to know their other half, and they are ready to do anything to know that “Other Half”, why don’t they just stop for a while…look inside, do they know their own half. Discovery starts from inside, start discovering yourself first. Observe your attitude, your reaction in different case, learn from it. Discover what makes you mad, what makes you sad, what makes you smile, what make you cry, what gets you excited and what gets you down…
    Try that for few days…observe and take notes!
    As they say, Knowing the cause, is half of the treatment… start treating yourself, find out your weaknesses and your strength and I am sure you can rule the world…

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