Is there anyone I can ever trust?

The word “Trust” as The Free Encyclopedia defines it is “The condition and resulting obligation of having confidence placed in on” or, in other words, it is the confidence that we put in a person or thing.

Trusting people is not something easy, how can you know what is going in someone’s head!? Can you be sure that your friend will demure loyal?! They might have good intentions, yet can lose your secret somewhere along the way.

I had a best friend, whom I trusted more than my shadow. She used to know all my secrets, I had confidence in her more than anyone in this world, I used to tell her everything. Until one day I learnt that what I considered a secret between us,was not. All her friends know about it.

She never had the intention of telling anyone, or talking about it, nevertheless, she considered it something normal, and assumed that everyone knew about it, so she talked about it.

That made me think, Is there anyone I can ever trustTalking... that never stops..?

As I was thinking, I started taking scenarios in my head;

Let’s assume that I trust my boyfriend, and tell him my deepest and most intimate secrets; how long after we break up do you think that he can keep those secrets to himself?

Okay, what about our siblings, they are from the same blood line, we can trust them no?! Sorry to say that, but they definitely need to go tell their spouses or girlfriends. HELLO!! If I want to tell my in-laws, I could have done it personally …

Now what about our parents? They are the last people that want to hurt us, can we trust them? I am sorry again, we cannot! Our parents have a thing for talking about their children. They will go tell their friends, and grandma, and our aunt that will tell the other aunt, and the list never stops. They never intend to hurt us, but…

Now let’s get back to the best friend, and let us assume that we tell him/her one of your secrets, if she truly believes that your secret is a secret and not something normal, she definitely needs to tell it to her boyfriend, or maybe another of her friends…

What’s wrong with people, do we really have to talk about one another to open up a conversation?!

One thought on “Is there anyone I can ever trust?

  1. i thought the same thing not too long ago
    i think that we should be able to trust the majority of people who we are close to. there are those people in our lives that will always have our back. occasionally we make a few misjudgements in trusting the wrong people, but for the most part we have a fairly good trust radar. so we have to trust in that

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