Waking up ANGRY…

Sometimes the world starts yelling at you... and those times are the only times you cannot hear any yelling

How many times did you wake up angry, not wanting to go to work and then every step you made was a complete disaster?
You wake up, so angry, you snooze your phone, then it rings again, then this time you turn it off by mistake, then you wake up on your boss’s phone call asking you why you are late for the meeting.
You get out of bed so crazy, open your closet, to notice that your white shirt needs ironing, but you don’t have time, so you decide to wear it under your suite.
You wear your pants and shirt, then you go to the restroom to wash your brush your teeth, then all of a sudden you squeeze too much toothpaste and ruin your black pant…
Now what to wear.. You become so angry full of rage… then you go to your closet in which you do not find a black pant, thus cannot wear a suit, thus you need to either wear a different pant with a different pant or you have to iron your white shirt…
You then decide to wear something else, and then you quickly wear your clothes, and head to your car.
On the road you get stuck by a huge extraordinary traffic that makes your blood burn even more…
Then you remember that you had forgotten your files at home, and that you cannot do the meeting without them…
It doesn’t even get any better.
Your day continues to be a series of disappointments, one after the other…
Do you think that a positive attitude when you woke up would have changed something?!

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