Hanging Around Lake Mendota

Coffee! Oh coffee! Coffee is a very important part of a lot of people’s lives; it’s what keeps more than half the people of the world going every single day. I am not sure what coffee does to me, but I think that it’s psychological, or maybe not; I am not sure.
So since I am still jet lagged, and since in Lebanon it is currently 3:42 am, I need something to keep me awake, so I went to grab a cup of coffee at the university.

I am currently sitting on the memorial union terrace, I am sitting on a green chair, the table is actually yellow, and the tables around me are all colored. I am having a black coffee, trying to stay awake as I contemplate the scenery.
On my left, there is a man showing the area around for one of his friends, he is telling her several things, but what stuck to my mind is that Lake Mendota freezes 6 months a year, well I need to see if he gave her right directions.
I get distracted by hearing the Arabic language being spoken, I look around, I see a group of young men leaving a table, they have dark skin, and black hair. They definitely are Arabs.
Oh, look now, here comes two ducks, they are just walking normally around me; they reminded me of the cats at the university I went to. Well actually here in Wisconsin, cats are not just left on the road like in Lebanon, they are taken to special care; but the ducks, ah the ducks they are part of nature.
As I was coming here, I was intrigued by the amount of ducks that are in the lake. I was able to see ducks from all colors, shapes, and sizes.
Now comes a bird singing on the table nearby, I mean, what is that?! Am I in snow white or what? I cannot believe how close he is to me. I just need to put him on my hand and sing, and everyone will think that I am snow white; I personally will actually believe that I am snow white.
Is it normal to live with animals in peace? Well I imagine if that were in Lebanon, one student will get his gun out (yeah, he will have a gun in his pocket, or somewhere near) and will shoot that bird to death.
And yes, just shoot it, just to show off, just to say he’s a man, you know, he doesn’t have anything else to show. Well not all Lebanese are the same, but this one, the specific one that I am talking about, he would kill the bird.
The weather is weird, well, at least weird to me, it’s almost 8:00 pm now, and I can still see the light, I cannot see the sun though. It’s a foggy weather here, but it’s nice, it’s secure, it feels like this wintery sensation, mixed with the summer fun, and I like that.
Now passes a group of students touring the campus, they all have nametags, and each one of them is looking at a different aspect of this beautiful nature, each according to his taste, and interest. One of them is looking at a lady wearing shorts, one of them is playing with his phone (he’s the one not interested, I think that his parents forced his to go to college),one is looking at all places at ones(I know that this is actually very hard to happen, but you should see him – I think he’s the control freak one), one is yawning(that can be for several reasons, he might be a nerd, and had been awake all night memorizing the dictionary, or that he is bored) and the rest are just walking, getting the job done.
The sounds I can currently identify are the sweet sound of birds, a group of people talking behind me, a child nagging, demanding stuff from his mom in a very weird dialect, I think that his mom actually doesn’t understand a word of what he’s saying – probably, that why he is nagging… who knows.
Here comes the cute bird again or maybe his cousin, or brother, or mother, or sister, or girlfriend, or father, or boyfriend, or….

Oh here the new students come, they now have red bags. I think that they were given eco bags with brochures and pamphlets about the university.
Every time I hear someone pass by, I can associate their voice to a voice I already know, I look then see someone else…
Currently a third group of students walks by, I am now confused, but those don’t have bags…
Here comes the ducks again, wow, I think they were just hanging out, outside the lake, and now it’s 8:00, oh, maybe it’s time for them to head back home.
At the moment a kid is just running over the ducks and screaming “ Ducky Ducky”! Poor ducky just flew away back to the lake.

I am not sure if the coffee worked, I am still sleepy and tired. I will just walk around in capital State Street maybe that will wake me up!

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