Building Things

Jobs in the world are very diverse. Some of them create tangible output, and others don’t. Some allow you to see your end result, while others don’t.

Let’s take some examples and demonstrate the difference.

If you were an architect, this means that you build building, bridges, and others. At the end of your project, you usually you can look at the building you have created. You can use your five senses and feel the thing that you have created. In such cases you think;

“Wow, look at what I’ve done!”

and the fact that you can see what you have actually completed gives you a lot of self esteem. Among society members, you are very happy and brag about your work, since all people can actually see it.

Architects as they create things

On the other side, if you were a banker, you spend your time behind a counter helping people deposit and withdraw money. Your work is a vital part of the whole banking process, but yet at the end of the day, there isn’t any tangible result that can fulfill you. Your work is routine, and you are not able to see the end result.

If you were a teacher, your fulfillment might by seeing your students succeed in life. Your work might be a routine, but at the end of the academic year of after several years, seeing the achievements of your students usually fulfill you, thus in this case the result is emotional satisfaction.

People like to see their work, they like to use their senses and feel what they have achieved, this also applies to ones children, people like to brag about their children, they feel that this is something they have created, and they want to see it the best ever.

But what can you do if your profession isn’t one of those end result professions?

What if you cannot really see the contribution you actually did to a company? How can you be motivated and have a high self-esteem?

One thought on “Building Things

  1. Achievements are best experienced when they are internally recognized and not externally. We all love to be appreciated and commended. But the biggest satisfaction in what we are doing comes from inside us as we gain more wisdom in understanding the life around ur

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