All we need is love!

Have you ever thought what makes the world go around, what wakes us up every morning, and what motivates us to go on with our lives?

Well, to be honest, I believe its love! Love in its simplest form, a mother loving her child, a brother loving his sister, a man loving his wife…

People need to be loved; they need to be recognized as important in someone else’s eyes. This is similar to the quote “You are one person to the world, but the world to one person”
We do not have to take love too seriously in this case; it is just an act of loving the world, of walking in the street and smiling to everybody.

Every bus driver needs a little hello from a passenger…
Every employee needs that tiny smile as they get to office…
Every mother needs a kiss from her children as they leave the house…

As you can see everybody is motivated by small acts of love. When people are happy, and they deal with one another in a respectable good manner, wouldn’t that generate love?

Imagine everybody feeling that love, everybody smiling to you on the street, everybody saying hello, wouldn’t your way to work be much more powerful? Wouldn’t that give you tonnes of energy to go on with your day? Wouldn’t that motivate you to do more and more? And give more and more?

If you walk on the street and decide to love the world, wouldn’t you kiss your mother (or wife, or husband, anyone, don’t quote me on the word mother) goodbye as you leave the house, say hello to the bus driver, and smile for a colleague at work?

What do you think the world needs more?!



Simply nothing! We all need love around us; we need that positive energy that can easily be channeled from one another.

Why do you think that we become happy when we sit with a child?

Children are simple, they have no prejudice, they love from all their hearts, and that gives us energy that makes us happy.

Have you ever wondered what created war, what generated greed, and what made people kill?
Why is it that people hate one another so much, and what drives them to do all those bad things?


2 thoughts on “All we need is love!

  1. Proud of you Chanty ! What you wrote is amazing, hope you didn’t copy/paste it from somewhere, good luck in your new blog dear, love love love you 🙂 xx

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