Are White Insects Less Disgusting?

White Peacock

Yesterday I was watching a documentary on the National Geographic Channel. The documentary was about exploring the Tepui Mountains in Venezuela. There were several scientists interested in searching for new species and studying them.

The documentary was very interesting. First of all, the Tepui Mountains were magnificent, second the documentary showed their remarkable journey and interesting discoveries.

Now let’s get to the reason behind my post…

White Tigers

In one part of the documentary, one of the scientists found a small mother scorpion holding her baby scorpions on her back. [after giving birth, the mother scorpion forms a birth basket and holds her babies on her back.]

I looked at the scorpions; they were transparent almost looking white. I thought hum, they are not that disgusting… are they? I couldn’t really decide whether they were disgusting or not since they were only seen for a couple of seconds.

That question lingered in my head, are white insects or animals less disgusting?

I couldn’t make up my mind! So I decided to research white animals!

White Snake

My research was very weird;I found a whole new world of insects and animals as well. It seems that there was a whole white world for animals and insects that we didn’t really know about! Or at least, I didn’t know about!

Definitely in some searches, I got some non-white insects that honestly bothered me; but the overall whiteness dominated any other thing.

Have you ever seen or even imagined a white lion, white snake, white deer, white frog, white crocodile, or even white monkey?

I know I haven’t!

I was so surprised, I learned about new types of insects and animals in addition to some diseases like albinism. Did you know that some animals were albino? Basically most of the white animals were albino!

So, as a result, I concluded that some of the disgusting black insects were not disgusting after all when they are white! They were okay, well at least for me.

What do YOU think? Are they disgusting?

For more pictures about white animals click here and you will be directed to a Google Image search for “white animals”

For more information about white animals click here and you will be directed to a Google Web search for “white animals”

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