Mosquito Phobic

… It has been several night and I am constantly bothered by the amounts of mosquitoes that are present all over my room.

I think that mosquitoes have mutated and changed their genome structure to be able to overcome repellants.
It is like the vaccines we do! Their bodies have little by little created anti-bodies that can fight repellants, and still be able to survive in our houses.

Mission accomplished!!!!

No entry for Mosquitoes!

On another environmental thought, might it be the warm temperature attracting them or encouraging them to multiply. I honestly did not research the topic, but it is very weird…

After a night full of attacks, I managed to wake up, red eyes, horrible mood, and an extreme rage over the mosquito society.

As I approached my car, I noticed that it was full of mosquitoes, seriously! Not kidding! They were all on it, just freezing, some were jumping a little… I had no idea how am I going to get in the car without having them all inside!!!

Anyway, a decision had to be made! So I just rushed inside the car!

As I sat there waiting for my car to warm up a little, I looked at the mosquitoes, and imagined a mosquito invasion. Remember those movies about insect invasions?! Yes, something like that!!! That would be a lot of fun!

Wouldn’t it?!

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