My 2010 Christmas Chocolate

Every year on Christmas I do my favorite chocolates, and give them to my loved ones.

Here’s a quick brief of how I do them…

First I get chocolate pieces and melt them the “Bain Marie” way.

Melting Chocolate

The chocolate pieces at stage 1

Chantal's Chocolate

Melting the chocolate using the “Bain Marie” way

When the chocolate is melted, I usually add marshmallows, peacons, peanuts, and hazelnuts…

Marshmallow and Chocolate

Dip the Marshmallows in the chocolate

I usually hold each marshmallow with a toothpick, then dip it in the chocolate. You can be as creative as possible.

Peanuts and Chocolate

Add the peanuts to the chocolate

You can get raw peanuts and cook them in advance, or even get them precooked.

Peacons and Chocolate

Placing the chocolate aside to cool down

After mixing the chocolate with the ingredients, I take small pieces, and place them aside to cool down.

My Chocolate Christmas Boxes

My Chocolate Christmas Boxes

When the chocolate is ready, I place them in cute christmasy boxes…


Merry Christmas Everyone!


6 thoughts on “My 2010 Christmas Chocolate

  1. Yammi!! merry christmas to you!
    BTW why there is no facebook LIKE on your blog, try to add it…or maybe i did not see it.
    take care and keep those nice posts coming…

    waiting for your news!

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