How to organize a Cheese and Wine party?

As the new year is approaching, people are preparing themselves for the big day.

How will they end the year and welcome a new one?

The best way to celebrate this occasion is to be around friends and loved ones. Most of the people I know gather around cheese and wine.

Grapes go perfect with cheese and wine

What is the history of this cheese and wine tradition?

Where did it come from?

and how can we organize our own cheese and wine party?

As I was doing a quick research, I came upon a website called Learn to know . This website has a small history for Cheese and Wine.

They claim that the cheese and wine has a long history in France.They believe that cheese and wine is absolutely a central element of the French diet and French food.

They add that in France, people traditionally eat a warm meal in the middle of the day and then a lighter (often cold) meal in the evening. This food tradition coincides with the French philosophy of shutting everything down in the middle of the day for a well-deserved break.

Wisconsin Blue cheese

Okay, now getting back to our New Year’s cheese and wine party…

How can we organize our own party?

1. The first thing you need to think of is your guests. Make a list of all the people that you would like to invite. Give them a call, or send them an email and get the exact number of guests attending.

2. Now after you have the exact number of people, you can go food shopping. When you are shopping, you must keep in mind your decoration.

It is all in the eyes, we feed our sight before feeding our stomaches. Let your table be elegant with nice table clothes and napkins.

Make sure to get nice glasses and plates. Each wine type has a specific type of glass, make sure to match the glasses with the type of wine you already have.

3. The last thing you need to think of is your pairing technique. Each wine goes with a specific type of cheese. Make sure to respect that.

But how can we pair cheese and wine?

Here are some pairing tips from Lee Dobbins:

– Wines usually go well with cheese that is from the same country or region
– An acidic cheese usually goes well with acidic wines
– Roquefort goes well with Port
– Camembert, Cheddar and Brie go well with Cabernet and Champagne
– Cream Cheese and White Zinfandel make a nice pair
– Mix muenster with Beaujolais
– Colby and Gouda go good with Reisling
– Pair provolone with Chardonnay

Here’s a cute video I stumbled upon that can help you in your wine pairing. Enjoy!

More Information

And now, HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!


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