Some of the simple things I did in 2010…

It’s those simple things we do in life that make our lives interesting and meaningful…

Every year during December, I look back at my year and assess how it was.
I usually think of the mistakes I did, lessons learnt, and achievements…

2010 Year Already Passed

This year, I decided to share some of the simple things I did for the first time .

Here’s a list of some of them:

• Traveled to Wisconsin
• Traveled to Chicago
• Met Congress woman, Tammy Baldwin
• Met a woman Lieutenant Governor, Barbara Lawton
• Saw the Wisconsin State Capitol
• Went to the Executive Residence and met the first lady of Wisconsin
• Met the two women judges in the supreme court of the United States
• Attended a democratic convention
• Was quoted in an article for the National Democratic Institute
• Was quoted to in an article in The Cap Times
• Had a radio interview with Here on Earth Radio, it was horrible, the interviewer had her own agenda and wanted to stick us in it; yet am proud I did it
• Met the woman who ran Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign in Iowa
• Got stuck in a bookstore due to horrible weather
• Heard a tornado alert
• Laid foot in Paris for the first time, Charles De Gaulles Airport
• Laid foot in Germany for the first time, Frankfort Airport
• Bough the most expensive bag (till now)
• Was part of a drum circle
• Was interviewed
• Attended a fundraising party for someone running for elections
• Went to a smoke-free bar, it felt great coming home smelling normal!
• I sang the song “what’s up” with a live band, it was so horrible, my friend had to lie and say that it was my birthday, and that I was turning 25, just to have people sympathize… they actually did!
• Met Kelli Arena, a CNN reporter
• Got my first caricature drawing, a funny one!
• Slept in one of the most expensive hotels in Chicago, the Drake
• Created my own blog (which you are reading from!)
• Got my first smart phone, so smart…
• Got my first net book which is always with me!
• Went on a Facebook event without knowing the organizers
• Got my own double bed
• Parked my car in an indoor garage
• Lived for a full month with no internet at home, and this month is extending…
• Lived in a three floor house
• Got my first promotion ever
• Got first raise ever
• Played basketball for the first time after school
• Was quoted on a brochure for the Lebanese American University
• Rented a beach house for a weekend, that was a dream come true!
• Attended a wedding on valentine’s day, very cute
• Started a new hobby, fishing with a moulinette
• Sat and heard a Yogi speak, Sadhguru, the Mystic Eye
• Attended a lasic eye operation, a live one
• Attended a friend’s wedding on my birthday, that really meant to me
• Saw the Rednex live in concert
• Got paid for doing a face painting
• Used google maps on my phone to locate one of my road trip destinations
• Watched an improvised play that really touched me, Live Lactic
• Did my first MS project, that was only 2 days delayed
• Joined a card playing group
• Was asked to be someone’s referee
• Got my first checkbook!!
• Watched David Getta live in concert
• Got the most expensive lottery card, I mean really expensive!
• Became a social media freak, watch out!!!
• Had my full wardrobe in my car for a weekend, and technically lived in my car
• Got proposed to from a 12 year old who was as serious as hell
• Got the most gifts ever from one single person (my aunt) on my birthday
• Paid the hugest amount of money ever for a day at the beach
• Learnt a lot from a special colleague at work
• Got to know some old colleagues that became my friends
• Met awesome new people that became my friends

2011 Next Exit

Now hoping that 2011 would be a great year for everyone!
Happy New Year!!!

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