I stopped eating meat, what about you?!

Animals are part of our ecosystem, slaughtering them in such an excessive way is disrupting the balance of our ecosystem thus aiding in our climate change…

Plus how inhumane can humans be?!

Eating Meat is like eating Flesh

Rabbit Slaughterhouse

Slaughtering Cows

Pig Slaughter

PETA Protesting - You can have a say in all this!

Eating meat wasn’t supposed to become like that!!!

Animals are a scarce resource, we need to preserve it in order to preserve the balance of our ecosystem.

More details to follow…

3 thoughts on “I stopped eating meat, what about you?!

  1. it has always been this way!it turned into a huge business.Either way, i don’t actually eat much meat for other reasons but this is an extra crucial one, yalla waiting for the details to come!

  2. First let me start by pointing out that I like the first and last picture. The idea’s brilliantly expressed and it serves well the purpose of the campaign.

    However, I don’t think i’ll stop eating meat honestly..for no extraordinary reason, I just like it ,and it’s part of the human food diet: part of the Natural Human “Chain”..

    I agree with the fact that eating meat wasn’t supposed to become like that, but i do believe that the case is lost (unfortunately). The ecoSYSTEM has already lost its balance. With all these GMO techniques and injections, animals are no longer a scarce resource..nowadays it’s mass production..Procreating (or even Creating, who knows) MORE animals..FASTER, for MORE people. I know this is ill, but that’s to say again that the system’s been harshly distorted. And once it has become like that, the whole “chain” is infected…
    So far humans have managed to keep the system going, but they’ve ruined it on the expense of their own health and balance…The “chain” has become more and more fragile: What happens if it actually breaks?..and how long before it does?..

  3. Wait! I know why those pictures bothered me so much. They’re not organic. I like my human meat organic…possibly free-range–not urban…I don’t like the antibiotics either

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