What my perfect day would be like…

Everybody dreams of a perfect day, this one day where everything goes right; and when remembering it, it is pictured in slow motion with a nice music in the background.

My perfect day is a very simple day…

Running around Lake Mendota

It starts with a good eight hour sleep (I would max sleep till 8 am)… and then I wake up…

When I wake up, I turn on some nice calm music as I wear my jogging clothes, and directly leave the house for a morning jog.

Jogging in the morning is fun, almost everybody is asleep (assuming this is a weekend, or earlier than 8 am), and there is a certain stillness in the world around me.

I imagine jogging near my favorite lake. As I jog, I see some people bicycling, some fisherman fishing, and some athletes practicing kayak.

After an hour and a half, I come straight to my kitchen, where I prepare my favorite breakfast: Fresh orange juice, a chocolate croissant, and a fruit yogurt.

By that time, food tastes much better, for I am hungry and need energy. Then from breakfast, straight to a warm bath.

Once finished, I go to my favorite cafe where I would enjoy a cup of coffee as I read my daily newspaper.

My Favorite Cup of Coffee

Did I mention that the sun is shining on my perfect day? Well yes it is, it is a sunny day, a very sunny one.

For lunch, I would go out with one of my girl friends to my dad’s restaurant where we contemplate the lovely sea view and have sea food and white wine.

Such a lunch usually take around two hours, and around two bottles of wines. So by the time we finish, I would really appreciate a quiet afternoon nap.

When naptime is over, I would prepare a cup of infusion tea, and drink it as I read a happy book, this should be a happy book, or else my day wouldn’t be “The Perfect Day” .

Yes where was I, ah yes, reading my book, bla bla,,, time passes, then at night, I would go out with my friends and have a drink.

I imagine going to Habana, Spoon, or Fly and having a frozen margarita (my favorite drink) as I enjoy the company of my friends…

4 thoughts on “What my perfect day would be like…

  1. I like your perfect cool day but why are you sharing it with everybody? 🙂 and by the way too much drinking in one day…

  2. I actually needed ideas for a poem at school called “The Perfect Day.” Although I can’t drink, your day sounds wonderful! Thanks so much for the ideas!

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