Friendship is strong, but the WHOPPER® is stronger! WHOPPER® Sacrifice

I was reading an article called “Users of the World, Unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social media” for Andreas M. Kaplan and Michael Haenlein.  The article begins by describing the concept of Social Media, and then discusses how it differs from Web 2.0 and User Generated Content.

After that, a classification of Social Media tool that falls under the above three categories is discussed. In the end 10 recommendations/advices for companies on how to use Social Media are presented. A very interesting article that I urge everyone to read NOW!

Anyway, while reading the article, the two authors presented some vivid examples of social media used for advertising purposes by very famous companies. I would like to share with you a very interesting example.

The Whooper Sacrifice!

It’S campaign “WHOPPER® Sacrifice” developed by Burger King in 2008.

Can you imagine what sort of a campaign it was?

Well, “Whooper Sacrifice” would give a free whooper sandwich in return for deleting 10 friends on Facebook.  Yes deleting 10 friends! 20,000 users adopted the campaign resulting in 233,906 friends sacrificed in exchange for free whooper burgers. On January 2009, Facebook shut down the campaign for privacy concerns.

This is a very interesting example of how companies can use social media for their own advertising purposes and social image. Burger King proved to the world that the price of 12 friendships is less than 2$ and that people are willing to delete 10 of their friends in return for a free whooper.

How many friends would you have sacrificed for a whooper?!

2 thoughts on “Friendship is strong, but the WHOPPER® is stronger! WHOPPER® Sacrifice

  1. Wow … and people wonder why obesity is killing more people than starvation today…

    I keep the few friends I do have close and wouldn’t sacrifice for a free burger… I’d rather buy my friend a burger, at least I’d have someone to talk to over lunch…

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