How to get the work done?

How many times have you wondered around, postponing a task from day to day, then end up not doing it, or rushing into finishing it on time?

How many times after finishing it did you noticed that it really did not take a lot of your time?

Well we have a tendency to postpone very simple tasks to an extent that they become burdens. What can we do to avoid that? And what are the practices to do the later will be discussed in the below article.

  1. Define your objectives: The most important thing in getting the work done is knowing what the work is. This might seem unimportant but when you know what needs to be done, you can plan accordingly
  2. Write down your tasks: when you write down you tasks, you will be able to visualize the set of work load that you have
  3. Decide on the most urgent tasks: some tasks cannot be delayed an hour even, those tasks are the tasks that need to be finished first.
  4. Plan your tasks: this one of the most important steps in getting the work done. When you plan your tasks, you give each task a designated timeframe, and you decide what needs to be done where. Some tasks are daily tasks; some are weekly while others are monthly. Decide on the date and duration of every task.
  5. Clearing your head: now that you have all your work written down and organized, you will feel more relaxed since you can see a clear plan of action in front of you and you can rest assured that you can do this. Put all your thoughts aside and focus on the task.
  6. Organize your best setting: some people cannot work in an untidy room since it distracts them, decide on the place that will help you finish your task. It can be on the balcony, in the living room, or even in the toilet. If you are in the office and do not have the luxury of changing your setting create the best atmosphere around you. You can put some soft music (that doesn’t disturb your colleagues) you can have a cup of tea next to you etc. organizing your work location is very important to achieve positive results.
  7. Cut out any distraction: this can be turning off your mobile phone, transferring your office phone to a colleague, turning off the TV, closing the door…
  8. Start the work: no that you have a clear plan; a suitable location to do the work, there is no more excuses for procrastination. It’s time for real work

Task after task, you can finish your daily goals.

  1. Rest: if you finish your daily goal this is a good sign for you to sit back and relax, you deserve a break. Go get yourself a nice treat, what about a delicious chocolate or dessert something that will help you feel good! You deserve it, you did it!

You will notice that by the time you finish it you will feel very happy and positive, no matter how small your task was procrastination kills motivation, and when you start your first task you will have a lot of energy and will be able to move forward happy and satisfied.

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