How to create a strong password

How many of us have been hacked at least once in our lives? We all have, the secret to overcoming hacking is to create a strong password, or let’s call it pass-phrase!

Passwords are like underwear

1. Make sure that your password is not less than 14 characters. This can be called a passphrase.
2. Vary your characters: Use lower case and upper case letters, use numbers and symbols, you can also replace some letters by charachters
3. Do not use the same password for more than one account
4. Change your passwords frequently
5. Do nots:
a. Do not use your name as your password
b. Do not use your wife, children, or pet’s name as your password
c. Do not use your phone number
d. Do not use your birthday
e. Do not use a word that is in the dictionary
6. Make sure to keep your password private, never share it with anyone, or even save it on a public computer.
7. Make sure that the website you are logging in is encrypted. This means that it has https:// not http:// the S stands for secure or security.
8. REMEMBER: Passwords are like underwear!!!

Inspired from the MADskills Program by SMeX!

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