Google Plus explained in 6 images

What is Google Plus? What does it do? And how does it differ from other social media applications?

Those are some questions that popped up when we heard that Google created something new called Google Plus.

Well, here’s a very simple way to describe what Google Plus does:
1. Circles
2. Hangouts
3. Instant Uploads
4. Spark
5. Huddle

Google Plus allows you to create your own circles of friends.

Google Plus helps create unplanned meet-ups online first time on the web.

Google Plus allows you to instantly upload your pictures or videos from your camera and saves them in a private folder.

Google Plus allows you to share your spark and it will automatically send you related stuff it thinks you’ll like.

Google Plus adds several conversations in one chat group.

For more information about Google Plus, why not consult Google themselves!!! Here’s a demo created by Google.


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