How to Fight Procrastination

How many of us postpone a simple task days and days?

It is something so small, something that doesn’t take a lot of our time, yet we keep on postponing and postponing it.

What happens is that it stays in our mind, we continue remembering it, but for some reason, we refuse to do it… and this is annoying!

Below are some steps to fight procrastination:

1. Keep a pen and notebook near you: this is where you start writing your tasks. As soon as you have them in front of you, you start by dividing them.

2. Set your priorities: You need to decide on what needs to be done first. This is easy when you have all the tasks in front of you.

3. Start by ticking off the finished jobs: when you have a list of the things you need to do, this will trigger an impulse that you need to finish them, so start by ticking off what you did, this will encourage you to do more and more and finish everything.

4. Have a clear calendar: having a calendar helps you schedule tasks that need to be done in a while; this will also help you organize your future tasks.

5. Be happy by your achievements: sometimes a task that might seem banal is very important and you need to congratulate yourself for (finally) doing it. For example treat yourself with a delicious dessert after you finish an important task, this will push you to finish everything and help you feel fulfilled.

6. Don’t postpone today’s work till tomorrow: If you can do it today, then you definitely need to do it today, there is no excuse for postponing something. Just do it now!

5 thoughts on “How to Fight Procrastination

  1. I am not sure this will work with me, Once I decided to buy an agenda and write things down so I plan and don’t forget any task…

    what happened is that I forgot the agenda every time i needed it!

  2. LOoved it Chantal… all my life i kept doing procrastination (i never knew it was called that) above , and i didnt know it was easy to do as u said, just thinking about the solutions makes me feel comfortable…
    I also wana add that solving this problem really changes the way we live.. i promise i will try it , coz we always have things to do.
    Thanks alot..

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