Inspiration from Within

What is inspiration? What does it mean to inspire?

Browsing through my mobile dictionary, I read: “inspiration: to encourage by filling with eg. Confidence, enthusiasm etc” it is also defined as “to be the origin or source of poetic or artistic idea

What is it that inspires you?
What is it that makes you want to do your best?
What pushes you to excel?
How can you find your inspiration?

Finding your inspiration is not an easy task, yet, when you do find your inspiration you are bound to live happily ever after!
So how can you find that inspiration? Below are some easy steps that can lead your way:

1. You need to first of all be open to inspiration: this means that you need to say yes to life. (check out: Smile and the world smiles to your for a better positive attitude) You need to be open to happy invitations. You need to be on a search for your inspiration.

2. Write down the things that make you happy: Get a paper and pen ans start writing a list of the things that make you happy. It can be as simple as having a delicious chocolate cake. Each person is happy in a different way , just write all those things down.

We can be inspired by many different things… Inspiration is from within…

3. Start doing each item one by one: Do all the items on your list.

4. Keep reflections on a journal: while doing every activity (or thing) that makes you happy, write down your reflections on a journal. Reflect on what each activity made you feel. This will help you identify what each activity makes you feel, and helps you recognize what is it about each activity that you really like.

5. Wait for the moment: When you are surrounded by happy activities and happy people, you will definitely find that moment where the perfect combination of happiness will reveal your inspiration. You just smile, knowing that this is your inspiration (or one of your inspirations) it’s that thing that made you happy right this second, it’s that thing that just pushed you to do your best, and there is nothing that will take that away from you.
Here’s a small picture of what inspired me on this happy day. It’s the perfect combination of my good mood, good coffee in a coffee shop I’ve been aiming to visit for two years now, the very nice music in the coffee chop, and the bright colors surrounding.


PS: What are you waiting for, go find your inspiration, and don’t forget to tell me about it!

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