Perfect Day Realised

I have always described my perfect day (What my perfect day would be), how it would be, yet, I never talked about an actual perfect day!
Well I got the chance to live that perfect day without even knowing it!

The day started when I woke up early, I did a cup of coffee, and sat in bed to drink it as I read a nice book (how to be happy no matter what). I read for an hour, then I was inspired to write a blog, so I wrote “Smile and the world smiles to you”

Then I got dressed and went on a field visit to a school (I work in an educational project for public schools) where there were summer camps talking place. the field visit was very inspiring and the children were very happy.

When the summer camp day was over, I went for lunch with a special friend (my mother). We had lunch in a very nice restaurant that has a very nice view (I wonder why I didn’t take a picture of it!!!)

After that, I had an afternoon GMAT class, but in between both, I had an hour free, so I decided to go visit that coffee shop I have been aiming to visit for 2 years now. While having my coffee, I got inspired to write a blog, so I wrote “inspiration from within”.

My coffee pause was very peaceful and inspiring.

I attended my GMAT course, and as I was leaving, I saw someone I hadn’t talked to for 6 years, my day was happy, I was feeling very positive, so I waved hello and felt that forgiveness reigned.

At night, I have a very cozy and romantic dinner with my baby.

I slept very happy, I felt that I could die peacefully and had lived a very simple, peaceful and perfect day!

What about your perfect day?

One thought on “Perfect Day Realised

  1. My day would start when I wake up at 12:30 in the morning, well refreshed and ready for a new day. I’d invite a couple of my friends over and we’d have a party at my house. After filling our faces with cookies and coke, we’d go to Cedar Point and spend the whole day there. This may be a somewhat unreasonable day, but to me it’s perfect.

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