How to chill at the beach?

How many times have you visited the beach yet didn’t have a splendid experience? There was nothing wrong, yet it didn’t feel perfect!

I had the chance to have a splendid time on the beach with my friend Sarah and her friends.
Here are the essentials of such a day:

1. It all starts with a good company: having a good company will help you enjoy whatever environment you are in and makes the experience an unforgettable one. Never ever go with people that you don’t like you will hate yourself. You can always excuse yourself if the company isn’t as perfect as you want it to be.

2. Choose a nice beach with nice sand: the environment is something very beautiful, but some are more beautiful, make sure that your choice of beach is top notch.

3. Keep a bottle of wine around you: nothing better than a cold wine glass under the hot sun on a sunny day!

4. Make sure to eat a full meal: Alcohol and the sun do not work if your stomach is empty, a balanced meal will do the thing!

5. Drink water every 15 minutes: even if you were drinking wine or any other fluids, water is essential to maintain the level of hydration needed under the sun.

6. Have a strong sunscreen for your face: the sun is getting stronger and stronger, you need to put sunscreen on your face (and back if your skin is sensitive) at least once every 2 hours.

7. Wear a hat: wearing a hat under the sun will protect your head, plus it’s super cool. Try the bamboo ones!

8. Keep a relaxing and nice book around: while chilling on the beach with wine and a good company, there is nothing better than a relaxing book.

9. Don’t forget a nice cup of coffee in the afternoon: after such a day, the antioxidant effect of coffee will help awake all your scenes and would act as a perfect closure for such a relaxing experience.

There is nothing better than a relaxing day at the beach; one day like this per week will help you recharge the energy needed for the whole week.

Try those tips and tell me how your day was!

3 thoughts on “How to chill at the beach?

  1. I Loooved it!!:) All the tips are perfect, you didn’t miss out anything!! The pics look great too;) Now all we have to do is wait for next summer, to have a repeat of that great day:)

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