How to Enjoy Simple Meals

When was the last time that you really enjoyed your meal?

Can you remember how it felt?

What made it special?

I believe that the true essence of enjoying your meals (and everything else in life) is appreciation to begin with.

Let’s see… On Sunday, I was alone at home, and felt like having a special meal. I only had leftovers spaghetti from last day. I had two options, either to eat it the way it is, or to make a theme out of it and really enjoy it.

I decided to enjoy it!

Here are some steps that you can do to turn a left-over meal into an amazing getaway:

1) Know your options: Look in the fridge and see what you have. This will help you decide on the type of lunch you will have. Keep that in mind, and let’s decorate.

2) Choose a suitable place to have your meal: you can decide to sit inside, or outside, in the kitchen, or in the dinner room. Whatever your choice is, it has to be a nice place that you enjoy.

3) Decorate this place: Choose a nice piece of cloth that you put on the table. Why not light a candle, or put a flower depending on your options.

4) Decorate your food: after deciding on your meal, just put it in a nice plate, decorate it with some something complementary, maybe a mint leave, or some cheese. Use the nicest cutleries, and don’t forget a napkin.

5) Treat yourself: you can treat yourself in various ways; maybe a glass of wine with some assorted nuts, or a nice dessert.

6) Double check: Put everything on the table and look at them is there something missing? Does it look appealing and fresh? If yes, then enjoy!

7) Enjoy! The best part of your meal is to actually enjoy it. Just eat slowly and enjoy every single bit, and remember how good it tastes.

Life is all about simple moments, enjoy them and appreciate them!



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