Homemade Hamburgers on a sunny sunday

I am a person that usually doesn’t take a lot of days off. I believe that life is short, so I try to do as many things as possible, thus I end up with a very busy schedule with barely 4 days off a month.

Therefore, when I am off, I just stay home, and try to turn off my head. This means no thinking!

So I compensate some sleep, have my morning coffee as I watch some TV, then meditate as I cook a delicious meal. Today I was very tired to cook something sophisticated, so I decided to make myself a homemade hamburger, something easy to cook and yet very delicious.

The ingredients I used:
– Hamburger meat
– Hamburger bread
– 1 tomato
– 1 onion
– Ketchup
– Mayonnaise
– 2 leaves of cabbage
– 2 potatoes
– Sunflower oil

Here’s how you can do a fresh homemade hamburger like I did:

1. Chose a red tomato that is not very hard. Smell it to know if it is good, if it smells like tomato, then this is it. Chop it circular and keep it aside.

Chopped Tomato and Onion

2. Get a small onion, enough for your portion size, I chose a small one. Now remove its outside cover and also chop it circular. In order not to have tears in your eyes, some people advise chewing gum, or some advise chopping it wet. As for me, I like to feel the onion under my hands, each stroke at a time, and remember that this is an onion it wets my eyes.

3. Then place the meat in a pan. The pans I use, grills the meat, and so I do not use any oil.
As soon as I placed the meat in the pan, it started making a cooking noise; I knew that it was going to be a very delicious meal!

Grilled Meat with Tomatoes and Onions

4. After 10 minutes, add the chopped tomato and onion to the pan where the meat is half cooked by now.

5. Meanwhile, make sure to heat some sunflower oil to fry the potatoes.

6. On the side, get two potatoes, wash them, peal them, and cut them the way you like them to be.

7. As soon as the oil is hot, gently insert the potatoes inside the oil. Make sure not to burn your hands if the oil is very hot, or if there is some water left with the potatoes.

8. Get the hamburger bread, open it, you can remove some crust from the bread and enjoy them as I am sure you would have starved by then. Afterwards spread the bread with some ketchup, if you have homemade ketchup, it would be superb. You can also add mustard if you like.

9. I usually do not cut the cabbage and make a cabbage salad, rather, I clean some cabbage leaves, and place them the way they are on my burger. This way, I can still taste the cabbage’s juice under my teeth and it’s easier to prepare. I sometimes spread some mayonnaise on my cabbage, it depends on the mood.

10. When the potatoes are fried, remove them from the oil, dry them the way you find most suitable, I usually use some napkins or sandwich paper to absorb the oil. You can add some salt if you like.

My homemade Hamburger

11. Now all the ingredients are ready, Just put the meat on cabbage( which is on the bread by now) then add your grilled tomatoes, then the onions, put the fries aside, and add some ketchup…

12. Make sure to put them in a nice and appetizing way in your plate.

13. Enjoy! I know I did!

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