Carole the sweetest bride

Whenever a girl starts preparing for her wedding, she becomes a totally different person.

Brides-to-be (almost) all become competitive, secretive and never say anything about their wedding day. Well, for some, nagging is the only thing they might reveal!

“Everything is very expensive”,

“You have no idea how tired I am”,

“It’s such a hassle searching for a wedding dress”,

“You have no idea how hard it is to prepare a wedding! You seriously have no idea”…

and other excuses!

I have never met any bride-to-be that was fun to have around, until Carole my friend started preparing for her wedding… My friend Carole turned out to be the sweetest bride-to-be then bride.

She told me all about her wedding a month before.
She showed me her dress; can you imagine a bride to be showing her dress to a friend?! Before the wedding?! Most brides-to-be barely take their bridesmaids with them to try their dresses.

Carole and Naim

Well, Carole was different; she showed me her dress, her hair do, her flowers, her bouquet, her decoration. She even told me all the details of the reception, from food to entertainment.

I mean from all the details she gave me, I was able to visualize all her wedding day.

Now Carole and Naim her husband are married. Their wedding turned out to be a great wedding. The best I have seen so far.

Reflecting back on my friend’s behavior, I understood that it’s a character, it’s a confidence of a true person that is so sure of herself.

Congrats Naim and Carole, you are the best!

One final advice to all brides-to- be out there: You are special no matter what you do on your wedding day! Plus, sharing is caring!

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