Live with someone…

“Don’t live with someone you can live with, rather live with someone you cannot live without”

I am sure that at some time in your life someone gave you this advice, at least I can speak for myself, and I can say that I was advised the later.

But read it well, isn’t it super confusing!? Don’t live with someone you can live with, rather live with someone you cannot live without. The first question I would ask is define “cannot live without”.

This is very logical since there are several reasons one cannot live without someone else, and one reason is dependence. Yes dependence! If I were dependent on someone, then I cannot live without him/her. So how can you draw the difference between loving someone too much versus being dependent on someone, plus is dependency an option for living with someone?!

Sure not!

So, how can you know it when this special someone is here?

How can you know that you love someone so much that you cannot live without him/her? Vs. You are dependent on that someone and cannot live without him/her.

I believe that one can build that feeling time after time, and when the feeling is there, you just feel it with every particle of your living being. You just need to be aware of what’s happening!
If I were to describe to you how is it that you can know it when you have that special someone, I would fail to transmit my message, since love is not measurable, and definitely not definable. Plus, each person experiences love in a different way.

Just remember one thing, whenever you reach a point in your love life and you can think of your loved one and your heart directly starts beating, butterflies start flying in your stomach and your eyes shine as a child opening a Christmas present, then be sure there is love in the air…

2 thoughts on “Live with someone…

  1. Donkey:”Look, you love this woman don’t you?”
    Donkey:”You wanna hold her?!”
    Donkey:”Please her?!”
    Donkey:”Then you got to got to try a little tenderness! The chicks love that romantic crap!”

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