Season’s change…

I am a strong admirer of seasons; I really admire how Mother Nature regenerates and start all over every year. I just love it when leaves start falling in autumn, die out in winter, start blossoming in spring and are fully regenerated in summer.

But what I love the most is that our bodies are related to that cycle as well, without even knowing it.

Our bodies are linked to the cycle of nature in a way or another.

In winter, we are mostly calm and working, as spring starts, we start rejuvenating, during summer we are fully active, and then back to autumn where we start relaxing.

I personally feel that so much! In winter, I am working, preparing my work, in spring my work starts to blossom and during summer I am fully active harvesting the seeds of my fruits.

Seasons Change...

But what I cannot but notice is the different types of energies we accumulate from nature’s different seasons.

During summer, the sun warms us and gives us positive vibes that just makes us jump!

During autumn, the change of season gives us the serenity of a calm and cold season to come. We feel soft, calm, and eager for the rain and snow to come.

During winter, we are halted by thunder and rain amazed by the coziness and warmth that the cold season offers.

During spring, we smell summer on the corner and our energies start assembling with the flowers’ blossom.

I personally admire every aspect of every season, though I might be more lenient to choose summer! However, with Global warming, I might change to spring!

What is your favorite season and why?

What do you have to say...

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