What are Separate Realities?

“Everything is in the eyes of the beholder” is a quote that we hear here and there. But what does it mean, and why do people use it?

For me, this quote means that everything we see is related to our own eyes, i.e. we understand things and interpret them our own way from our side depending on our own life experiences.

This brings me to the philosophy of separate realities.

What are separate realities?

And how do they affect us?

Let’s start by defining reality. Reality is the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. So reality is what is actually experienced or seen.
But didn’t we just say that everything is in the eyes of the beholder?! Doesn’t that mean that every person sees things his way?!

Reality Check


That’s what it means! Separate realities is the phenomenon of seeing things your own way. I see things different from how you see them, and I analyze things different from how you analyze them.

But who is right?!


No one is right, because there is no right or wrong, there isn’t anything specific that is set and defined as right or wrong.

Think of it, what you believe is true, might be wrong for a different culture, different person, or even your brother!
Let’s take the example of food; some people eat insects, while others cannot even think of the idea. Can you prove that one is wrong? (Well maybe for the insects’ example you can, but you definitely get my point!)


Let’s take the philosophy of separate realities and apply it to our daily lives.

If someone does something that you do not like or support, how can you use the identified philosophy?

1. Understand: Well, you should just understand that whatever action he or she is committing is a reaction to some stimulus that in his or her dictionary is defined “Right”. Moreover, their reaction is based on their experiences that definitely are different from yours.

2. Accept: So, what you NEED to do here is ACCEPT people around you and their reactions, the way they are, there is nothing right or wrong!

3. Communicate: Plus, you can always communicate your point of view to the other person and hear their point of view. You might reach a middle ground, but if you won’t, at least no one is judging!

Think of how different religions might say different things! Think of different cultures! Think of different families! Thinks of different siblings! And think of yourself!

I leave you with a final word: Love one another; and accept one another! We are all unique beings!

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