What’s wrong with OKAY?!

We always struggled to have perfect results, a perfect life, a perfect day, a perfect report… perfect, perfect, perfect…

Every single morning, we wake up early, we have a huge to-do list (same as one of Santa’s Christams Lists), we run and run, we put so much effort, so much pressure on ourselves, just to make sure that everything is perfect.

One of Santa's Christmas Lists

I have a very personal example about perfection, I tell the people that know me: “I am someone with a good education, a good job, a good salary, I know how to cook, how to clean a house, how to raise children, I have a good social status… Will that get me a better husband?!”

The answer is sure NO!

I personally always refer to this metaphor if I can call it a metaphor to remind me and remind others that sometimes perfection doesn’t get us somewhere better.

People love you for who you are, some hire you because of your efficiency, others are your friends because you make them laugh for example… Not any of the people in your life expects you to be perfect/do perfect things every single day and every single time.

So it is okay if you wake up tomorrow and decide that you will not finish everything on your to-do list. Its okay if one day goes by and you do not finish everything you were supposed to finish.

It’s okay to be okay! You just have to when it’s okay to be okay and when it’s not!

Cheers! and take it easy!Life is Short!

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