How well do you communicate?

Have you ever thought of why do people communicate? That’s a good question, isn’t it?
Why is it that you talk to someone?
How does that make you feel?
Plus do you know how to communicate?

Let’s start by defining communication:

Communication is the activity of conveying meaningful information. I always like to display the communication process diagram. You might have seen this diagram in management, but anyway, I will just briefly discuss it.

As you can see in this diagram, the message is the most integral part of the communication process. It displays what a person is trying to communicate to the other. Definitely there is the sender, the person who has this message to convey.

And there is on the other side a receiver that is receiving this message. After receiving the message, the receiver gives feedback, and the process goes back and forth.

Plus there is always an environment for this communication process. Sometimes I personally consider the environment to be your perception of the topic, of the person in front of you, or maybe your own prejudice. However, the environment is the context of this communication process.

Now that we have a general overview of the various components of communication, we can now get back to our own communication process.

To know if you are communicating well or not, I suggest you should ask yourself these several questions:

1. Do I understand the communication process?
2. Am I aware of its different components?
3. Do I respect its different components?
4. Do I listen to the person I am communicating with?
5. Do I judge the person I am communicating with?
6. Am I a reactive communicator?
7. Do I always have to be right?

The answers to these questions are within you… Ask yourself, and answer yourself… You know better.
Just make sure to always remember the various components of communication.

PS: please note that this post is a self-assessment test that will help you evaluate your communication process, further discussion about the topic will follow.

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