How to reduce stress?

Whenever I think of stress, I remember a cartoon that I saw 7 years ago. This cartoon was a story of a family and how each member of the family including the dog is exposed to stress and this stress is different for each family member. What was unique in that cartoon is that it was a funny one showing that even the dog of the family can have enough stress to worry about. And in this cartoon, the dog was every day worried about making sure he can get the paper to his owner on time, and with no complications. The child in that family was stressed about the fact that he wants to get good grades and be up to his parents’ expectations. And the story continues you have an idea where this is heading.

So we agree that stress is something we face every day in our life, but what we can do is cope with this stress, and conquer it before it does to us.

Here are some techniques that I personally find helpful while coping and reducing stress:

1. Sleep well: it all starts by how much rest you get. A person needs between 7 and 8 hours of sleep every night to ensure regeneration of his body. Make sure to sleep well in order to start your day in a positive way. Remember what they say: “You need your beauty sleep”.

2. Eat Healthy
: You notice the road I am taking here, I am starting with “You” making sure that you are relaxed, you are healthy, so this will help you cope with external stress. Eating healthy helps you think straight, give you positive energy, and reduces any heath complications. I am sure that a health problem is the last you want to cope with, so eat healthy its benefits are enormous.

3. Exercise: Exercising not only keep you healthy and in shape, but it also helps you vent out. Try it, run, or join yoga classes, and see how all of a sudden you forget everything and focus on your exercising; or on the other side, you think things through and vent out. Plus, sleeping well, eating healthy as well as exercising help you live a more balanced life, so their benefits are on many levels. Make sure to exercise every week.

4. Enjoy your friends: as they say, “Friends are the family we chose for ourselves”, surround yourself with loving and supporting friends that will be there for you in all aspects of your life and help you cope with different types of stress, problems, and also share happy moments with you. Your friends are one of the most integral parts of your wellbeing! Trust me, if you are surrounded by loving friends, you will be a different person. (to believe what I am saying remember your friends, think of the ones that you have, think of your relationship with them, also think of some of your friends that are far now, and that used to make you feel super happy… I am sure that after reflecting for a while you will remember an incident).

5. Turn on some music: For me, Music is like hormones; a song might make me happy, while another might depress me. Plus music has a soul of its own, as I advised in a previous post “Improve your day in 5 simple steps“, you should have a music list ready that has all the songs you like, and make listening to this playlist your daily ritual. You cannot feel the importance of music unless you try it. Never let a day pass without listening to your favorite song. It’s a medication that your doctor never prescribed! (PS: I will soon be writing a post about some medications your Doctor never prescribed, stay tuned)

6. Laugh Often: whether it is watching a comedy movie, a stand-up comedy or listening to your friends make some jokes, make sure to laugh often; it’s a very cheap remedy that will help you vent out and forget your problems (at least for the time that you are laughing).

Even the Zebra is under stress!!!

7. Learn to say “NO”: Learning to say no is one of the best things I learnt in my life. Seriously, I was someone that never said no to anything, so I ended up seeing everyone in one week, attending all the workshops scheduled for this week, volunteering to help anyone that asked me for a favor, etc. I mean it’s a hassle, and I am sure you know what I am talking about. So when I learnt to say no, I had more free time, felt happier and was able to produce better.

Learn to say no, and schedule things, if someone wants to see you, schedule a meeting for next week, if you want to help someone, you can postpone it till tomorrow… You see where this is going. Learn to say NO, and you will benefit a lot.

8. Relax: do something that relaxes you. This might be something very simple as a bubble bath, a pedicure, maybe a walk in the woods, or watching your favorite movie… you know better, but most importantly is to do that something that relaxes you.

9. Take some time alone: When was the last time you took a break, did something on your own? With life’s fast pace, everybody needs a break, some time alone; take a break, do something on your own, treat yourself with something you like, just think of you.

As you noticed, nothing was mentioned regarding stress. Why? This is because stress is always there, we cannot do anything about it other than feel better and more at ease in general, so we accept stress in a different way.

Try these steps, and you will see how you can accept life in a totally different and more positive way, where you can cope with everything in a better way.

Do you have another way? Why not share it with us!

4 thoughts on “How to reduce stress?

  1. I hope i stand somehwere in tip number 4 :@ :@ (oh no! wait, i shouldn’t stress) :oP
    I appreciate that u’re discussing positivity here.. :o)
    PS: and u’re right about tip number 7, i personally lack some NOes in my life :oP

    1. Friends?! You?! Hummmm…
      Definitely! Maybe with the ones that I don’t like a lot 😛

      As for number 7!!! Hahahah! yes, you need more NOs in your life!
      a lot of NOs actually!

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