When was the last time you thought of Distraction?

It’s been a while now that I have an idea in mind that I would like to write about, yet it’s been almost two weeks and I haven’t written it.


The answer is distractions.


Think of it! Isn’t it true? Isn’t distraction a hinder in our lives? Doesn’t t it delay a lot of our work and performance?

So, I decided to talk about distraction (in the end my post about distraction distracted me from my original idea…)

Let’s start by defining distraction.

So, distraction is defined as “a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else”

We agree to this definition, so let’s talk about some examples of distractions:

1. Phone calls: how many times were you doing something then your phone rang and when you answered you were emerged in the world of the caller, and then forgot what you were doing in the first place?

You might consider turning your phone off.

2. Emails:
how many times were you focusing on that quarterly report and you received an email that you couldn’t but read and reply, then shift your whole day’s agenda to a whole new topic.

You might consider turning off your email alerts.

3. The internet: I didn’t want to say Google, not to be biased to a specific search engine: P but yes, think of your internet searches, how one leads to another, then you end up searching about who came first the egg of the chicken. Internet search is something that I truly respect, yet it is a distraction when it is not your aim.

I suggest you write down the things you need to research and research them at a specific time.

4. Social Networking sites or Social Media: It starts by checking your Facebook notifications, then you see your new friend’s haircut, so you couldn’t but visit her profile to see her new album, then you notice that she is currently in a new relationship, so you end up looking at her boyfriend’s profile… and I am sure that you know the never ending story…

Set a specific time for social networking and take all the time you need.

I forgot to mention Pretty Women as a type of distraction!!!

5. Internal thoughts: I am not going to ask about the thoughts that go into your mind per minute; you know that it’s a lot. We are mostly distracted by our internal thoughts with regard to every single stimulus we see in every second of our lives.

This might be funny, but I suggest you schedule a thinking time, yes, a time for your never ending internal thoughts, and when it’s not time, put them aside, you might keep a journal, and write things down, and it will remove them out of your mind, then think of them when it’s time. I am super serious!

6. Advertisements: I believe that advertisements are the worst distractions; they are the distractions that mess up your mind. They display an image and make people believe that if they buy this certain product, they will look as pretty, as professional, as attractive as the model in the advertisement. And how is this a distraction? Imagine an overweight girl driving on the street and seeing a very thin and pretty model wearing a clothing brand, she will start by loathing herself, thinking of her eating disorders, going back to when she was 10, then becomes super angry and probably go eat… or go to this store and buy clothes from there thinking that she might look as pretty.

Trust me on the Sun Screen! Remember the song Sun Screen? “Don’t look to beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly” remember this advice.

7. Procrastination: Procrastination is the son of distraction, postponing tasks actually distracts us from doing them. And be careful, procrastination is never on anyone’s top 10 distractions, and guess what?! No one actually notices that this is a distraction!

Check out my previous post on how to fight procrastination.

What distracts you? And how do you cope with it?

2 thoughts on “When was the last time you thought of Distraction?

  1. TV … is a distraction from reality, watch less TV because it only make you passive by watching other successes, use your time wisely! TV doesn’t show you the reality you know instead it tries to convince you in a different reality…a well structured reality that does not exist!

    I loved your article and made me think of a topic for my new blog article I should write an article about TV effect!! that would be fun…free public invitation to check out my blog: http://www.innoleh.com (if you like it don’t forget to like innoleh facebook page!)

    keep on the great JOB!

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