We are not growing older, we are growing farther…

**Year after year, birthday after birthday, you notice that your friends are shrinking.
It starts with grade 3, where all your school classmates attend your birthday; you get around 30 in addition to your family.

Then your friends start decreasing one after the other, year after year.

**Then in secondary 1, you only have the friends you like since in your previous school years you cut down on the weird ones, one the ones that bully you, the ones that talk too much, … we are talking something around 10 friends at that stage. At that stage you do two birthdays, one for your friends, and one for your family, since your know, you grow older and are afraid that your mom gets your childhood album and shows it to your friend… you know what I am talking about!

**First year of university will boost your attendance rate probably because you got the chance to meet some new people. They might go up to 15.

**Second year of university gets you back to less than the 10 you had in secondary one since the people you met at university turned out to be just classmates and you were not friends anymore once your class was over.
After university, you start celebrating your birthday with your boy/girlfriend alone.

**Couple of years after your marriage, you start celebrating with your spouse, and maybe some of their friends, definitely family returns here, since you know, you are a parent and now appreciate your parents more.

Year after year, people are growing apart, everyone is very busy, and distances have grown.

Are these distances on purpose?

Are we putting boarders between us and our friends? Is it on purpose?

Think of it, when you were 10, you and your best friend had the same tastes, loved the same games, and never talked about girls or boys.

Ten years later when you became 23, you couldn’t accept it when your friend told you that he or she doesn’t like your boy/girlfriend.

Same applies ten years later, when you were 33 and married, how can your friend comment on your spouse’s horrible behavior in front of the whole family?

My friends, it’s not time nor life that made us grow apart.

If we are finding time to include one friend, why not include the other?

We do have time, but what we do not have is the will!

We created boundaries around us from when we turned 13 and liked a classmate, when we felt something nice towards someone. we started burying our feeling s and thoughts, we started building walls little by little, till one day, these walls trapped us with our loved one, ALONE!

This might be the best thing that life has to offer, you and your partner united against the whole world. This is too good to be true, but yet again, remember; life doesn’t always work as planned!

I leave you with one thought “Your friends are the family you choose for yourselves” and I am sure that the family that you created in grade one is solid enough to support you all through your life…

Call a friend and go see him/her today, and remember how good it is to see them!

8 thoughts on “We are not growing older, we are growing farther…

  1. I couldnt think of a better way to start my day, and honestly it’s the first time I start it with such a meaningful think,,, Glad to have you as a friend and a family since the age of 10 🙂 wouldnt describe the friendship path of life any better … Kisses

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