Toc Toc was my turtle…

My friend Fady came to me with a shoe box couple of months ago, I opened the box, there was a turtle inside it, a huge turtle, and I directly fell in love with it. It was everything I wanted and a very precious gift.

When I got it home, everybody was happy about it (in the beginning…) and welcomed it with warmth, as a result of our hospitability, we placed it on our terrace, yes our terrace where we welcome our friends during the summer.

It was a shy turtle in the beginning, then after a while, it became part of the family. I called it Toc Toc, because that’s what turtles do, right?! Anyway, time after time we discovered that Toc Toc had a personality of its own:

– It never ate anything other than lettuce
– If the lettuce is not cold AND fresh, it keep it on the floor
– Whenever its “poos” , it steps on its poo and crashes them (imagine how hard that was to clean)
– It spends all day running, and yes I mean it, running around the terrace (to an extent that it was given a nickname “Road Runner”)
– She doesn’t mind walking between our legs

Summer went by, and we welcomed autumn… as autumn came, it got with it rain, and rain means that Toc Toc has no place to reside since our terrace is usually swapped with water…

Poor Toc Toc, we had to let it back in the wild, just where Fady found it…

Poor me, living without Toc Toc…

PS: You might hear different versions of the same story. Please note that they might be all true, this version is the nicest, and neatest with less damage made to anyone involved 😀

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