My Own Chef Salad

There is nothing better than cooking a delicious healthy meal on a day off!
So today, I decided to prepare a Chef Salad, my way.

My Chef Salad doesn’t have neither eggs nor chicken, you can add them if you like.

Salad Ingredients:
– Corn
– Tomatoes
– Lettuce
– Cheese
– Jambon
– Some oregano

Sauce Ingredients:
– Oil
– Lemon
– Origano
– Salt

Try mixing those together, and see how delicious your salad will be, and I am sure that it will be your way!


Tomatoes Chopped


Mixed Together

Add Cheese

Healthy Carrots

How’s that meal for a change?

Try it and let me know how it turns out!

Bon Appetit!

9 thoughts on “My Own Chef Salad

  1. it looks good!! i would use turkey instead of ham:p less fat hehe bas eh it’s all 1 in meal! aymata 3ezemtina for some chef salad?? 😀

    1. Yes Turkey is a better option!
      I am inviting whenever we all agree to meat?
      maybe next week? we can do a salad night, each can get his own salad?
      what do you say? we start planning?

      1. i loooove it!! i have just the salad in mind hehehe bas let’s make it the week after mech next week, we’ll fix it for sure:D

  2. My dear chanty.

    Your salad idea is good, it’s a light dinner or lunch. actually I ate salad all my 4.5 years in service & the guys were astonished that how did I survive with a small portion of salad once a day & nothing until next lunch time. I was healthy like a bull your taty saw me & she can testify for that. By the way Jambon is not a common word in USA it’s for Europeans & specially M/Eastern people who have french education & another thing,so we use the ham, origano is spelled oregano. The salad that you’ve mentioned should be very tasty & whenever I tumble over into your town I will ask you in person to prepare a big bowl of it with a glass of arak to sooth it down. Good luck my child with your writings & do not stop spreading your beautiful ideas. Keep the good work flowing.

    1. Thank you Khalo (I will not call you Jeddo in public)
      Thank you for reading my blog post! Yes indeed eating salads is very healthy especially at night.
      I love to eat salads, but I don’t have the time to prepare a salad everyday.
      Anyway, thanks for your comments, I did the edits you mentioned.

      Keep reading my blog, and I am waiting for your comments!

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