Why I don’t want to become a BOSS?

There are some things that come naturally when someone becomes boss. Some of these things are things that I don’t like to be doing, but as most of you know, with great power, comes responsibility!

Why I don’t want to become a boss?

1. Time Management: As a boss, one instantly tries maximizing their employees’ productivity, this means counting minutes. Minutes to reach work, minutes during lunch break, minutes in the restroom, minutes thinking…

2. High Expectations: When one becomes boss, there is nothing that satisfies him or her. So whatever the employee does is never enough. Reports never seem to be inclusive, analysis is always weak, customer service is never satisfactory…

3. Crapy Mood: I am not sure how’s the link, but bosses usually have a crappy mood every single second of the day, this might be linked to fluctuations in stocks, but no one knows…You can never know when to throw that tiny joke!

4. No Days OFF: Who wants to celebrate a holiday? What are holidays for? Don’t imagine taking a day off when someone’s money is on the line. Getting sick! Are you serious! Where is your coat? Asprin? You are not taking care of yourself!

5. Salary Raise: Who said that in ten years you need to get a salary raise, why? Is that necessary? Is your productivity increasing?! Besides, your kids are now old enough to help support the house!

Well, these are the most important reasons why I don’t want to become boss!

Or, if I ever become boss, I hope I never do any of these without valid excuse! Or wait a second, what’s valid?!

Anyway, if I forgot something, please feel free to remind me!!! And if you are a boss, remember that your employees are people like you and me, they have a life outside the office, and maybe a personality too!


This post is dedicated to all the employees that are mistreated! Remember there is a labor law, and you have rights!

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t want to become a BOSS?

  1. It sounds like you have not had a lot of positive management interactions. On behalf of bosses everywhere, I apologize for the mistreatment that you have experienced. I promise you that it is not that way everywhere. I have worked for some great bosses, none perfect but they all had some positive attributes that I could learn from. Even bad bosses can offer learning opportunities. You can learn what does not work. Hang in there, but be on the lookout for a better opportunity with a manage that you might be able to have a few more positive experiences with. Learn what you can, then move on.

    1. Hello there!
      I just noticed that my comment wasn’t published for some reason!
      Anyway, I am glad to see your comment, and most of all glad to know that there is a blog I can follow related to the topic. Well, the reason behind my post was not due to my bad experience in managers around me, but due to my observation of managers working for 8 years now, and experiencing different types of people. Let me say that I took each attribute from a manager!

      Again, thank you for taking the time to comment, and I promise to learn as much as I can regarding the matter.

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