Geryes, Jamil, and Men like them…

At work, we have Jamil, our oldest employee…

Jamil has been working with us for God knows how long, he should have retired back in WWI, but since he is the oldest employee, keeping him part of the family is vital.

Jamil is someone that nags all day long. He is old, super old I mean, tired, and all catastrophes happen to him, yes all catastrophes, and I mean it.

Did you hear about this man that got electrocuted amidst the summer?!

Yes it’s Jamil!

Did you hear about the man that was swallowed by a tornado?

Yes it’s him!

Did you hear about the man who was hit by a train and still survived?

Aha! Him!

Did you hear about the man that was swallowed by a wale?!

Oh! No! That was Pinocchio’s dad!
Anyway, you got my point! God help Jamil!

Three Old Men - Picture Licensed under CC

I have never seen Jamil smiling! Never seen him engaging in a positive discussion! Always frowning, and always in an argument with someone. Sometimes I see him argue his own shadow, but I don’t tell him anything.

I recently met Geryes. Geryes is a school doorkeeper, who never ever smiles! Even that I try all possible ways, all failed with me.

If I haven’t watched the whole Grinch movie and knew that in the end of the movie the Grinch loved Christmas and people, I would have confused Geryes for Grinch.

Geryes never agrees to anything I say ( I just see him 6 times per year), he always has something to add, and always always speaks in a super loud voice.

When I met Geryes, I directly remembered Jamil! Jamil, and Geryes embody a certain character that almost everyone has somewhere in their lives. Think of it, I am sure that you do have such a character!

I remember my friend telling me about the office boy (not quite a boy anymore…but anyway!) at her office. His name is “Maurice”, he falls under the same category of “characters”.

These people have their own character, work without them is so hard, yet, they know what they are doing, and they have done it for ages, and you can never work without them. Can you?!

Remembering the Jamil(s), Geryes (s), and Maurice (s) in our workplace, let us all thank God for having them around!

Now tell me about a special character in your life, is it similar to Jamil and Geryes?!

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