The Reasons Behind My Addiction

After my blog post “My New Addiction: Twilight” comes “ The Reason Behind My Addiction” and then post  three, then post four part one, then post four part two…. Just kidding!

So why did I enjoy the movie Twilight this much?!

What drew me to that movie?!

Below you will read some of the things that caught my attention and are still:

  • The movie is in an untraditional setting: I usually do not face vampires or ware wolves in my daily life, and neither do you!
  • The problems in the movie are unorthodox: I have never worried about vampires wanting to kill me, and I will never ever worry about that!
  • No one worries about work: the notion of work to make a living was never an issue, the Cullens (other than Dr. Cullens) do not work, so the notion is absent (and I wish I can remove that notion from my life too, Oups did I say that out loud!)
  • No one worries about money: So it’s not just the notion of work that is out, the notion of money is also… The Cullens have the best cars, and they just have them, no loans, and no mortgages. In the movie, we do not care about how the money comes, it’s just there, let’s talk about our real story here!
  • There is nothing related to a daily routine: The Cullens don’t eat, thus don’t worry about cooking, okay they hunt once every two weeks, therefore, that’s not a routine. They don’t sleep, so they have all the time in the world… All I am trying to say is that they don’t have a daily routine, which is something almost everyone is attracted to.
  • The movie is full of UNKNOWN: I just never knew what was coming (until I read the reviews but that doesn’t count). Everything is new, and new is good!
  • It took me to another world, another reality:  Being someone that works full-time, studies full-time, and has full-time activities; this movie took me to another world, a world where the characters’ problems are way different from my own, where their reality is far different from mine, and I LIKE!
  • It reactivated my imagination: For a second there I had lost track of an active imagination. Watching Twilight reactivated something that I had long lost!
  • It’s an unconventional love story: Boy meets girl, girl loves boy and they lived happily ever after is boring for me! Love stories are boring! Yes they are, I am sorry! This is an opinion! “Tarararaaaaa” <instrumental> here comes an unconventional love story, and that just too perfect!

So you are full of Twilight, I will not make you hate it; I will try (just try)not to write more about. Oh, I just remembered that I will buy the book, oh! I might write about that, but don’t worry, definitely not now, not even this year!

Anyway, meanwhile, why don’t you do one of the following?
a.      Watch the movie (I can’t believe that you still haven’t seen it)
b.      Tell me what do you think of it (maybe I’ll stop talking about it)



3 thoughts on “The Reasons Behind My Addiction

  1. so i am guessing you are very unhappy and want to detach from this world and that’s y u like it? and how the hell is this unconventional! blekh
    but I like your commitment for this movie

    1. It’s good that you understood my commitment!
      If I had watched it in 2008 I would have had the same comment as you had, “Blekh” but currently, that’s what I want, a detachment!

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