My 2011 Christmas Chocolate

Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Every year on Christmas, I do chocolate treats. It’s a joy beyond comparison! I just love to do so!

Each year it’s a different type! Check out my 2010 Christmas Chocolate to get an idea…

Anyway, this year I used the following ingredients:

– Chocolate bars (I used dark Chocolate)
– Hazelnuts
– Almonds
– Dried Cranberries
– Dried Apricot
– Marshmallows

Dark Chocolate Bar

The Dark Chocolate… Melting

Add Almonds

Marshmallows and Chocolate

Chocolate and Hazelnut

Marshmallows Sprinkled

As for my decoration, I used:
– Toothpicks
– cupcake paper
– Colored Sprinkles

Also this year, I did a small clip that shows the process.

Watch and Enjoy!

Merry Merry Christmas to EVERYONE!


2 thoughts on “My 2011 Christmas Chocolate

  1. I LOVED the idea 🙂 home made chocolate treats to share with your loved ones 🙂 In addition I loved how you prepared they look very delicious. Happy Holidays my dear friend and wish you all the best.

    With lots love and kisses.


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