My Agenda Addiction

My movie addiction, and now my agenda addiction! I think that I am portraying a lot of my freaky side these days! Or may I say freaky sides! So what?! Is it wrong to be a control freak! Oh! Oupsee! I just said another secret here! I should just stop talking! 😀

My Agendas from 2003

Anyway, every year at the end of the year, I just panic searching for my favorite agenda or if I may call it planner for the year. You know, since I am a control freak, the minimum for me to do is plan my year ahead! Yes my year! Imagine me living in the unknown! Okay, getting back to the topic, and every year I end up buying two calendars, one that I used for January and sometimes February, and another one that I keep for the whole year. Why?! That’s because I rush into buying any calendar just for the fear of improper planning and the agenda ends up being unpractical.

The first calendar is usually too big, or too small…

Too thick or too thin…

Too heavy or too small…

Too crowded or too simple…

I have never found my ultimate agenda!

Last year I tried creating my own hand-crafted agenda, then, amidst my preparations I felt that I cannot, and will not carry it for a full year!

Then definitely went and bought a new one. My 2011 agenda, the one I started using at the end of March was very suitable!

It had the whole week on one page, each day has its own section, and on the side, there is a place for my own notes. That’s where my tasks and deliverables are displayed. This agenda was small, thin, light, and I kinda loved it!

But guess what?! It costs 22USD!!!!

My 2011 Agenda

Isn’t that very expensive for an agenda! I mean, some banks distribute agendas for free!

Well, let’s see, I am now on the haunt for an agenda with similar qualifications, or else, guess what?!


I will take 22USD from my broken pocket and buy this super comfortable agenda and have it with me all the year! From January till December 2012.

What about you?! Do you share my same addiction?!

PS: I still have my agenda’s from 2003! I can tell you what was happening on October 4, 2003.

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