Don’t judge a book by its cover…

As I was wrapping up 2011, I wrote down some things that I wanted to do before the year was over, one of them was challenging my brains to solve a Sudoku.

Sudokus are like speaking the Chinese language to me, I personally do not love Math, and I definitely do not like to solve any ridles that include Math.

So Sudoku was always a no no to me. I never even allowed myself to even look at it. So on December 2011 i decided to solve a game just for the sake of challengging my head. So I printed an easy game from the web, and I kept it with me in my purse.

My First Sudoku Solved

Too bad that 2011 ended without solving it due to the lack of time.

I had a meeting on Wednesday, as usual I am always early, so I decided to challenge my brains a little.


It turned out that I am not as bad as I thought! I solved it in barely 15 minutes! and another guess, I actually enjoyed it.

So I decided two things to carry on with me during 2012:

     1. Challenge my brain ( By solve Sudoku more often for example)

     2. Never to judge a book by it’s cover (Never judge anything or anyone before knowing it or them)

     3. Never say I can’t do this (since whatever the mind decided, one can accomplish)

And these are three of the things I decided to do in 2012!

What did you decide to do in 2012?!

5 thoughts on “Don’t judge a book by its cover…

  1. hahaha chanty!! mabrouk! actually i had sudoku on my phone and out of boredom (when i study) i finished all levels last year! That was a breakthrough cz im not a huge fan of numbers!

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