The Professor didn’t come to class: Guess what I did?!

Okay, so yesterday was the second time in the academic semester that I don’t go to university with my car. My car was going for a yearly check, and I commuted to work with my grandma who then dropped me off to my university.

The weather was horrible, so I was wearing a lot on me, and I had a huge bag that fit my books, my lunch boxes (from work), my new Ipad (thanks to Fady who bought it) and my usual stuff who usually take up a lot of space and weight. I went directly towards the cafeteria, bought a coffee and a snack and headed to class where all students waiter for the professor.

Then without further ado, another professor came to inform us about our professor’s absence. My first thought was hurray (I was very tired, and almost slept in the car with my grandma). Then I remembered that I did not have a car!

Calling my mom to come get me from university was not a good idea, since even our house was near university, rush hour traffic was horrible.

I decided to take a “service” (a Lebanese type of Taxi that takes several customers at the same time going on the same road) somewhere near my house. I opened my wallet, and noticed that I did not have enough money, so I decided to walk to a near bank and get money, then take a service.

My trajectory - Please note that my house is blurry for security reasons (:P)

It was 5:33pm as I started walking; I remembered how good it felt to walk. It was raining all day and had stopped for a while, so the ground smelled nice, and fresh. I started walking and walking.

As I was walking I decided to reach home, then go walking somewhere near the house, since the smell of the ground intrigued me. When I reached the bank (first national bank), I noticed that traffic was still tough, so walking still a little bit more( to reach Moulin D’or) was not a bad idea. I decided to walk more.

As I was walking I noticed that the civil defense had made a check point and were searching all big cars, I wondered if this had anything to do with the storm forecasted for the night.

When I reached my final stop, I remembered that after my New Year challenge of solving a Sudoku, and reading a 500 page book; my aunt advised me to challenge myself physically. This walk from my university (Zouk Mosbeh) to my house (Jeita) was not a bad challenge. Plus I had wanted to walk long distances and see how it felt.

So I decided to take the risk, and by taking the risk, I mean it was really risky, for those who know the road know how many accidents happen there, plus there was no light, the street was slippery and bla bla.

Anyway, I decided to have a story to tell. I started walking, as I reached a nearby gas station (the total one) the road started getting supper dark, and at some points in time there were no cars to light up my way. I thought of a side walk, but who would do a side walk on a highway?!

As I was walking on this side of the road I noticed that the road was funny, at some places it had a small sewage system, and at others it didn’t, at other places the mountain had fallen, and small rocks were on the highway. Well, I saw no consistency where I laid my feet at.

It was funny how heavy my bag was, I just wanted to reach my house to weight it, and what was also funny is that I was only comfortable to hold my bag on one arm. Oh, wait a second; I forgot to tell you about my new huge umbrella that my grandma had given me. So I walked and walked, one car once stopped, I waved my hand thanking and continued walking. Further up a women stopped suggesting giving me a ride, I insisted on walking, she was a nice old lady.

I was fascinated by the glass and car parts that were on that street, I mean, I knew that every week we had at least one accident, but I did not imagine it to be like this.  As I walked, I started thinking of all the people that dies on this road, and unconsciously I started praying for them. Then I decided to offer my walk to the souls of the people that had died on that road.

For the rest of the road, I was silent… praying…

Long story made short, I reached my house at 6:46pm, I opened the gate, my father saw me, he was surprised to see that I came walking, he asked me how did I come, I told him walking, he did not believe me, he asked why I did not call, I had no explanation, I mean seriously, now that I am home and alive…

What the hell was I thinking?!

Then my mom came and was also surprised to see me, she asked, I replied, she also did not believe me, I mean, in the dark, me walking around 4 or 5 km… on a highway… she knew that I was sane…

So I went up to my room, and they discussed scenarios.

My face was red, I was breathing hard, and now I had two floors to reach my room, anyway, as I reached my room, her  comes my brother Michael, he welcomed me, kissed me, then asked how I came.

I told him, but do you think he believed?!

He asked and my answer was simple, he asked and asked again, and my answer was never changing. I then started swearing to the most precious thing I have (which is him) but he also did not believe me.

Then I gave him a task to do, I asked him to get me my camera so I can take a photo of my bag on the weight. He went down and back, yet did not believe me.

I weighted my bag, it was 5.6kg!!!

My Bag weighing 5.6kg

After some time, I guess my brother actually believed me and was surprised, and also sad that I could do such a thing!

But guess what?! We always do things we never expect to do, we always push ourselves to our limits; see when we will break…

I pushed myself yesterday, yet it feels good… it made me feel alive… and that’s what I’m doing in 2012!

I am coming back to life!

8 thoughts on “The Professor didn’t come to class: Guess what I did?!

  1. Good job for the whole walk, definitely a great challenge!
    Bas next time, walk/run/jog/swim in areas that are not totally dark, safety is an issue:p and about all this weight, 7aram ma byeswa!
    aaand nice old ladies are rarely nice :p
    Though it’s absolutely a challenge to make 😀

    1. Fadi, that’s why I went on the wrong side of the road, so I don’t get thrown in the valley rather, I get to become a stickers on the wall… But you are right, I should be careful… But isn’t that risk part of the challenge?

  2. Would it possible to get the distance you walked, ya Chantal? I’d photograph the shoes, the umbrella with you next to it … And I’d wander what took you to decide to walk precisely on the ELKa curve. Better through the woods to mar elias and take it from there 😉

    1. Well, the distance is btw 4 or 5 km, remember I walked from inside uni, and to my room at home, I do not have sophisticated technology to get that… As for the pics… U are totally right! I was not thinking straight, just thinking of the weight of my bag.

      PS: as a professor, be careful if you are ever absent, u might have crazy students like me…u don’t want anyone getting killed!


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