Orange Chicken Light Meal

You ate a lot for the holidays?!

Do you want to have a healthy an super light lunch? Or maybe dinner?!

Here’s what I suggest: an orange chicken light meal, my way! A very light way!

Basic Ingredients:
– Lettuce
– Orange
– Green Pepper
– Chicken Breasts

For the salad sauce:
– Lemon
– Mustard
– Olive Oil
– Salt

Since my meal is light, I am writing lightly, and in a very simple way!

1. Start by chopping the lettuce
2. Then chop the pepper
3. Clean the chicken breast
4. Boil the pepper for a while
5. Then grill the chicken breasts
6. As soon as the chicken is almost cooked
7. Marinate it with the orange juice
8. Serve the chicken in a plate
9. Decorate it with the boiled peppers
10. Do the salad sauce, I recommend this sauce, it’s light and delicious
11. ENJOY!

Chop some Lettuce

Chop some green pepper

Squeeze an orange

Marinate the chicken with the orange juice

Sprinkle your chicken with your green pepper

Your Orange Chicken Light Meal

Bon Appetit!

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