Bags to Go!!!

One of the most important (and shallow if I may say) things in a female’s life is her handbagS. And I have the S capitalized for a specific reason, it’s not her bag, it all her bagS. We have a thing for bags, some sort of a bond, something so strong, that we are the only beings to understand.

Males, and you notice I am talking gender, no man or boy; girl or woman…. Just keeping it simple. Anyway, males cannot comprehend this phenomenon and we were never able to explain it… so it demurs a mystery and this mystery has been for ages.

How this story includes me, well, I am a huge collector of bags, I just never throw any, and I constantly buy new ones, therefore, I ended up with a lot, a lot of bags.

Every time I saw an expensive and irresistible bag, I would convince myself that I would wear it every day and that it’s worth paying the price, but, as you might assume, that was never the case. Though I must admit, it was successful in March 2011 when I bought a gorgeous light grey bag and wore it every single day for the whole month! That was huge! Wait a second; it should have entered Guinness Book, well at least my own Guinness Book (that’s an idea! <Bulb>)

Thus, in 2011 (at the end of it), I decided to do something else that would enter my own Guinness Book, and it was to actually give away some of my bags, at least the ones that I hadn’t wore for a year at least. This would teach me to let go of objects, give me more space in my room, another reason to buy more. No! No! No more bags! (That’s my subconscious saying the third reason! And I will not listen to it!)

Aha, and yes, that’s what I did! I did a clean over of my room and was able to let go of 25 bag!

YES Twenty Five (25) bags to give away in addition to Twenty Five (25) belts! Not to mention the wallets!

And guess what?!               

I still have plenty!

But those, I cannot abandon now… not now… maybe later, when I am ready!

So ladies! I have 25 bags and 25 belts in the back of my car! Let’s make it a point to finish them by the end of this month… Maybe I can do another clean over, and maybe I would lose my attachment to bags in 2012!

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