How often do you delegate?

“Delegation is a skill of which we have all heard – but which few understand. It can be used either as an excuse for dumping failure onto the shoulders of subordinates, or as a dynamic tool for motivating and training your team to realize their full potential.” (Palsgrave 1530)

The art of delegation as I see it is when you give someone a task to assist you in doing, and yet you remain accountable for the final outcome. I learnt about delegation from one of my former bosses who used to articulate the benefits of delegating and dividing the work.

There sure are setbacks to delegation, but this article is dedicated to the benefits of delegation.

Time after time, I started experiencing delegation in my day to day life. Now, delegation is the best organizing tool I am exhausting in my day to day life, and thanks for my family and friends for assisting!

Given the fact that I am a full time employee, if I were to take some time off to go to the bank to exchange a check, it will cost me more. In that case, I am losing an opportunity cost which is to actually stay at work. So instead, I can give the check to someone else to exchange for me.

These simple day-to-day tasks consume a lot of our time and energy, if we were to delegate them, we would be better off. Don’t we?!

(Picture retreived from Flickr and licensed under CC)

Here are simple steps that will help you in your delegation process:

  1. Know what your priorities are: know what are the things that you (personally) need to do, and which comes first.
  2. Know what are things that someone else can assist in doing
  3. Think of the right person that can assist you: take this step case by case, think of each task that can be delegated, and the person that can assist in it.
  4. Delegate the task to him/her: make sure that you give exact guidelines, and be sure to be available for any questions.
  5. Assess the results of the task performed: this will help you decide if you will continue delegating this specific task to the same person

This process then becomes a cycle, and automatic response that you get used to, and if you are very careful about not bothering the people assisting you, it can be beneficial for both of you.

Now tell me, what will you delegate?

2 thoughts on “How often do you delegate?

  1. I hate to delegate, i wish i can, it’ll make life much easier!!
    It’s just that if you want smthg done perfectly, u gotta do it yourself! aaakh men hal delegation akh :p

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