My Valentine dinner idea to you!

Sometimes I believe that we actually live to eat, then other times again, I think that we eat to live…

Food is one of the most indulging things life can ever offer, yet again it is the simplest means of survival. On special occasions, I’d like to believe that we actually live to eat. I just enjoy every single bit of it, that is, if it was delicious.

I was fortunate enough to have a splendid meal on Valentine’s day, and since cooking is as fun as eating, I am sharing some ideas for your valentine’s dinner meal.

I don’t have any recipes, but it doesn’t look complicated, I am sure that you can get creative!

Okay, so every meal starts with appetizers, these appetizers were four of a kind:
1. Salami wraps wrapped on a lettuce leave and definitely some butter underneath
2. Red Caviar laid on a bed of butter, topped with black caviar and a leaf of parsley
3. Black Caviar laid on a bed of butter, topped with red caviar and a leaf of parsley
4. Fresh Mozarella cheese wrapped with pesto sauce, half a cherry tomato on top, all laid on a cucumber
Don’t forget the small soft toast underneath all. Delicious! Right?


After the appetizers comes the salad, the salad was one of a kind (not four of a kind:D)
The salad was made up of different types of lettuce, fennel, avocado, crab, topped with pomegranate, and some pinky delicious sauce. You can get as innovative about the sauce and the whole salad as much as you want.

Crab Salad

Now for the really juicy stuff! A salmon piece with some shrimps, all banked in an indescribable sauce, something very delicious, it almost tasked as if I was eating them inside the ocean. And on the side, a backed potato, colored with raspberry sauce and a broccoli on top. If you are a seafood lover, this is just heaven on earth!

Salmon and Shrimps

Keeping the best for the last! The dessert! Oh the dessert! It was a heart, half made up of a cheese cake and the other half from a chocolate pudding. I am sure that there was some rum in the pudding! something else in the cheese cake topping, but I can assure you, it was the best dessert I have ever eaten!

Cheese Cake and Chocolate Pudding Dessert

I am sure that you are hungry by now, because I know that I am, again! Try some new ideas, get artistic, it’s worth it! Nothing better than a dinner with your loved one(s).

Happy Valentines day to everyone!

PS: Not to forget to thank the person that made all this happen! Cheers and thanks!

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