What’s the one thing you want from life?!

I met a guy in a café, he was an undergrad; I knew it because I could see the enthusiasm in his voice. Wow! Enthusiasm! That’s something I haven’t seen for a long time now! As we were conversing, he asked me a question:

“What’s the one thing you want from life?”

Well, I sure did not expect this question, definitely not from someone I just met! The good part is that I reverted the question back to him and heard his most important thing in life…
But his question made me think… actually think a lot!

"Freedom Alone" a photo by Martin Burns retrieved from Flickr licensed by CC

What’s the one thing that I want from life? What’s that one thing that I am not leaving this earth without accomplishing?

I thought for a second, and then I directly knew what it was.

I had my answer.

I remembered a sentence from the movie “Desperado” when they asked El Mariachi (Antonio Banderas) in the end of the movie what he wants from life… his answer was “freedom”, he wanted to be free…
I was around 10 at that time; I still remember his sentence… I still remember how it felt in my ears, and how I knew from that second that freedom is what I lingered for…
More than a decade now, I still feel the same. I feel it even stronger and I sure can define it better.
I do not want a lot from this life; I just want to be free… in all its senses.

So that’s it, its super simple, the day I can feel this freedom, feel it with all my being…I would have fulfilled my business on this earth… at least my business with myself!

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