Supermarkets’ Hidden Agenda

I went to the supermarket yesterday to buy some vegetables to make a salad. I started picking my vegetables one after the other… Tomatoes, Cucumber, green pepper, carrots, lettuce….

Oh! The lettuce! I was aiming at buying foreign lettuce as they call it, but it was for 2500LBP (1.67$) I was surprised by how expensive it was. Then I looked and saw a sign “Khass Baladi” (something like local Lettuce) it was for 3500LBP (2.33$) it was super expensive.

Then I saw the normal lettuce, it looked like nothing else, it was horrible, really horrible! There was no price associated with it, so I asked the person in charge of the vegetables and fruits section about it’s price, he told me “1500LBP” (1$)

I had to make a decision, a fast decision! I decided that even if the lettuce was horrible, I would eat the insides and save some money.

I finished my shopping and came home. My mom was surprised by my horrible choice of lettuce and asked me why I didn’t buy the imported ones. I told her that this was cheaper!

She looked at me in a weird way and asked “How much does this one cost?” I told her 1500LBP she laughed and asked me to look at the price tag, it was 2950LBP (almost 2$)!!!!!

I was just stunned by how openly the man had lied to me!

So my mother laughed and assured me that this was a new trend emerging!

So I got the picture! Well, supermarkets, especially the huge chains are using this type of strategy to fool people into buying things that are more expensive than they actually look on the shelf!

So, you look at the shelf, it cost 3000LBP (2$) for example, you buy it, and buy a zillion other items, then when you come to pay, this item does not actually cost 3000LBP, it cost 4500LBP (3$)maybe, and here you are the loyal customer paying more than you actually anticipated!

So from now on people! Let’s be super careful while on the counter to what exactly is the price of every item!

….but that’s super frustrating and sad… but what can we do?!

… am stuck in the moment…

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