I miss being a waitress…

So working as a waitress was the second best job I ever had! We are talking here about 8+ years of work experience, so I actually tried out several job types! Ranging from kids entertainment to working in a Ministry.

So it seems, I am currently thinking a lot about my work as a waitress because I actually miss it a lot. And long for it more often…

When I was working as a waitress, things were very simple; I was always happy, working from the heart, and always excelling in what I did… I even got promoted to becoming a trainer!

But why is it that I love and miss so much being a waitress? and why am I remembering it, now?!

The rules are simple, and the expectations are clear:

1. Wear your uniform completely

2. Don’t forget to wear that smile!

3. Be polite while you take the order

4. Be quick while punching the order

5. Get the drinks

6. Then the main course

7. When the customers leave, clean the table

8. Make sure to be quick enough in managing your section

9. If there’s a problem with any guest, use the L.A.S.T. technique

10. Plus, you are not the only one happy… it’s like singing in a musical!

11. When your shift is over, check out and leave!

No matter how tiring it might be, it was still fun! And there was no pretending!

Okay, so working as a waitress is something fun, but then again, it has it’s time! I am sure that a lot waiters and waitresses actually hate it. I currently miss it, I wish that I can turn my head off, and just serve food!

I guess we all have these moments where we wish work was simple, and instructions were clear…

One thought on “I miss being a waitress…

  1. just reminded me when i was a waiter…

    so the manager goes like “you need to smile more”
    – am like “whats so funny to be smiling ” hahaha good old days 😛

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