Spying Made Easy!

Long time ago, a spy used to be in his car, following his subject all around. He used to sleep in his car when needed, eat in his car, and who knows what else! He just didn’t have any life of his own… Just following his subject all around!

“Spying” an image by xrrr. Retrieved from Flickr and licensed under CC

He used to take discrete photos, and then write up a report of all his subject’s activities.

Today, spying is made easy! Especially if you are a social media wiz!

All you have to do is to follow your subject on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other social media platforms that are have location services; then this is it!

You can sit at the beach while you your subject tells you what he is doing, and where he is checking in. You can even spy on several subjects at the same time, and actually see them on a map!

It’s hilarious! Unbelievable! Plus, you don’t have to take a picture anymore! Your subject will automatically do that for you!

Okay, and let’s assume that your subject is a bit discrete about posting information on social media, just a bit of computer science, some hacking skills, and who knows what you can access his phone messages even!

It’s amazing, how we have moved from total privacy to foursquare saying at what time we enter home at night! And where exactly is our home!

“Spying” an image by xrrr. Retrieved from Flickr and licensed under CC.

When the boom of chatting started, governments, schools and several institutions used to warn people about giving private data about oneself to strangers. They used to tell us never to give away our address… today, our phone say exactly where we are!

Isn’t anyone scared!?


OH! OH! I almost forgot about phone numbers! If any, and I mean any phone number calls you, and you do not know the caller, you can directly get his/her name! It just takes one download of a software!

And that reminded me of your car plate number! Don’t mess around with anyone on the street! they can directly get your phone number, and even address, and come wait for you to kick your ass!

2 thoughts on “Spying Made Easy!

  1. hahaha love this article! 😀
    so true and scary,
    the sad part is that people love these stuff and “yeey everyone can see that i am at Starbucks at 2am 😀 “

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